“My wife and I decided on a home birth with her second child. To say the least, or how about experience with Quincy was amazing.

My wife and I had our first child in the hospital.

The nurses and most other staff were very caring and attentive to our needs. The doctor, unfortunately, seemed to care very little about how my wife felt or what she wanted. He was rough and unsympathetic to the pain she went through.

Home birth changed things. It opened my opens to the fact that childbirth can be a very positive experience, even though it can be so painful and traumatic. Being able to help my wife give birth in the best possible way, we now have a healthy and happy baby girl.

Throughout the labor I felt I was able to help and give the support that my wife needed. We are super grateful to Quincy and her help through each prenatal appointment, taking time to meet with my wife and provide questions to answers my wife had been scared to ask doctors our first time around! 

Quincy was professional, caring, and very knowledgeable which aided in our comfort with our first home birth experience! It is safe to say we plan on having a home birth with our next child!” 

-Caleb Wright