Introducing Quincy: A Life Committed to Empowering Birth Experiences

Born in the vibrant city of Fontana and raised amidst the beauty of The Coachella Valley, Quincy’s journey through life has been one of purpose and passion. As the youngest of four siblings, she learned the value of family and the strength that comes from nurturing relationships.

Quincy’s story is intertwined with that of her loving husband, Brandon. Together, they have been blessed with a family of their own, including six remarkable children – Bryan, Joshua, Cassidy, Isaiah, Elijah, and Eden. Their home, nestled in the heart of Yucca Valley, echoes with the laughter and memories of years spent cherishing each other’s company.

Yet, life’s path has been both joyful and challenging for Quincy. The birth of each of her children was a distinct and trans-formative experience, drawing her closer to the profound realm of midwifery. Her teenage years marked the beginning, where a resolute desire for an intervention-free birth shaped her choices. The journey was demanding, and with the aid of forceps, Quincy welcomed her first child into the world.

The subsequent birth brought its own set of hurdles, ending in an unnecessary cesarean section, an experience that ignited Quincy’s determination to explore alternative paths. During her third pregnancy, the aspiration for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) was met with complications arising from an UN diagnosed chromosome disorder called Trisomy 18. Tragedy struck when baby Cassidy, who held a special place in their hearts, passed away after a few precious hours. Cassidy’s brief yet impactful presence became the catalyst for Quincy’s calling. A flame was ignited, leading her to serve women during childbirth. In 1996, Quincy became a Certified Doula through DONA, dedicating herself to supporting and empowering women on their birthing journeys. The path was not without challenges, as she confronted stress and pressure from hospital-based obstetricians during her two successful VBACs.

A pivotal moment arrived with Quincy’s last birth, an exquisite home/water birth guided by the compassionate care of midwife Karen Baker. This experience was the culmination of years of longing for the nurturing and attentive support she had always sought. Fueled by the expertise of midwifery care she had received, Quincy’s pursuit of her true calling led her to the doors of the National College of Midwifery in 2007. Graduating in August 2010, she honed her skills under the mentorship of Karen Baker, LM, culminating in the achievement of her California State Midwifery License in November 2010.

Quincy’s devotion to preserving the sanctity of midwifery is unwavering. She envisions a future where women and babies are offered a compassionate and empowering birthing experience. With every birth, Quincy stands as a beacon of hope and support, committed to ushering in a new era of childbearing where each woman’s journey is embraced with reverence and care. Welcome to the world of Revelation Midwifery – a place where the art of childbirth is celebrated and cherished.

We’re so grateful Quincy was a part of our pregnancy and son’s birth story! I was 32 weeks pregnant when I changed my birth plan, and decided to birth my baby at home naturally — when he was ready. 

Laura Aguirre

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