From Mom…

I am a first time mom and although I am familiar with at home births, things are different when it’s your first and it’s your turn to step up to the plate. I couldn’t help but be nervous and wonder how it would go, but I knew I needed the right midwife for the job.
Mrs. Quincy is well known for being a great midwife in the area. I can say from personal experience she is the best! I had a healthy and beautiful pregnancy with a perfect at home water birth. She takes her time and pays special attention to all your concerns and needs, making sure each one is met with encouragement and educational information.

I felt like I was constantly being educated and encouraged through my whole pregnancy in preparation for my son’s birth. Without the valuable information and materials via prenatal visit and a binder full of informative articles, I would have been so much more nervous. She took the time to explain all the resources from conception to birth and beyond preparing me for the labor and delivery.

I understand now that information and knowledge is key to a healthy and happy pregnancy/birth. She was constantly reminding me to read through my notebook in preparation for a next visit, purposes of testing etc. Even now I still refer back to my book, it has become my guide through so many circumstances and now my prized possession! My delivery was a calm and safe environment created by her, her assistant and my husband. I wasn’t afraid or worried, I knew I had the best team supporting me through every contraction.

After delivery they took care of everything; I didn’t have to worry about a stack of dirty laundry to take care of or trash to take out. I was showered, feed and in bed with my brand new baby right after giving birth.
I can’t recommend her enough. I can’t express how eternally grateful I am to have my 1st child in such a wonderful and empowering way. If you are considering doing at home birth and are in need of a midwife… look no further, Mrs. Quincy Bates is the lady you want!  ~Amanda

From Dad…

When my wife asked me to do an at home birth with a midwife I was concerned solely based off the lack of knowledge I had on the whole birthing process. From what I was always taught, when a baby was ready to come the warning sign was the water breaking and then the time crucial race to the hospital. There was no other option, midwifes were an archaic practice that is obsolete and only crazy people and hippies would even consider it. Being willing to attend the consult with the Mrs. Quincy was the best decision I could have been begged to make. Not only did she instantly put my wife’s anxiety at ease but the manner in which she answered every possible question made it seem like we were conversing with a member of our family.

By the time we had completed the consult there was no other option but Mrs. Quincy. Through the next months we eagerly attended every appointment with a list of questions from the information she provided as “homework.” She answered every one defusing any fear of a worst case scenario and then asking questions we did about topics we didn’t even think about. By the third trimester, the appointments transformed into a visit with family who wanted to share her wisdom. Within the 9 months we were taught everything we needed to know and when it came time for the contractions to start my wife spent half the day crocheting in our comfortable home instead of being tethered to bed and attached to machines to be monitored.

Mrs. Quincy and the Doula spent HOURS with us making sure that my wife was taken care of. All of her requests were taken into account and they tailored every action off the birth plan we discussed weeks prior to this day. As our baby emerged in the birthing pool I was able to focus on the newest addition to our family knowing my wife was taken care of. While I was holding my son and putting his diaper on, my wife was given the attention she needed. She was escorted to our own bed for familiar comfort. They spent hours after the birth when we are all exhausted making sure my wife and our son were healthy and when my wife and I woke up there was no evidence a birth had ever taken place in our home. The following day, Mrs. Quincy arrived answering questions with her bubbly personality and taking care of the family she became a part of. If you are looking for a midwife, it can end now that you have found Mrs. Quincy. If you aren’t looking for a midwife, I encourage you to consult with Mrs. Quincy….. I promise it will be the best decision you are ever begged to make. ~ ~Peter