After four traditional hospital births, I decided I wanted a home birth. Motivated by the isolating rules of a post-pandemic world but tethered to my heart through my great reverence for nature, I was committed to finding a midwife.

From the start, Quincy was different. She wasn’t the first midwife I reached out to but was the warmest and most personal. Seeing photos and testimonials on her website helped give me clarity on what was on my heart. Each meeting was helpful, light, and pleasant. Our 5-year-old chose to be very hands-on and Quincy made her feel needed and important to the scenery around her.

She still talks about the day her sister was born and how she, “was a midwife too”. Quincy did not direct me at any time during labor, she assisted me in listening to my body and gaining the sovereignty to direct myself.

For the first time in my birthing experience, when I pushed it was because it gave my body relief, not because I was being told. When you choose Quincy to support your birth experience, you truly call on all the women before her, through her and with her, blending wisdom gained in tender womb listening, and responsive care.

Bringing our daughter Earthside at home with the help of Quincy and Karen helped my family gain a divine confidence, strength, and pride that will ripple throughout generations. Back and forward through time, as my Mother’s fears were shattered that day and the young minds of my children expanded.

Thank you Quincy!