I found my doula Joanna Whitlow, and several mama friends, who recommended Quincy! I felt at ease and supported by Quincy in the final weeks of my pregnancy. I appreciated her knowledge and natural options provided along the way. I always felt I had a voice and a choice. She also took the time to educate our family members on home water births.

I fully trusted my body & my baby, and it was beautiful to have a team of women surrounding me who believed in us too.

When my son was ready to join the world, just shy of 41 weeks, Quincy and my doula’s team arrived and seamlessly set up my birth pool — all while I rode the waves of my labor in the comfort of my home. It was time and I let my body and son work together, never being told to “push.” It was intimate and peaceful, and I was fearless. We did it!

My son and I were given the precious time to slow down, be in each other’s presence and celebrate in the water together, to delay cord cutting and shower when I was ready to crawl into bed to enjoy our first breastfeeding latch. I happily shouted from the shower, “I just had a baby!” and my team cheered me on, “Yeah, you did!” 

My husband is paralyzed and uses a wheelchair, and Quincy always made sure to include him and keep him close in our son’s birth. Quincy stayed with us for hours and stayed present checking in for weeks afterwards — offering emotional and breastfeeding support, and encouragement. We truly appreciate Quincy for treating our entire family with respect and kindness. 

– Laura Aguirre & Family